First blog post

This is my first blog post and I’m excited to share it with you.  My hope for these blog posts is to share with you images and thoughts on how and where the Spirit reveals  to me, life, love, peace, hope, lessons, challenges, celebrations and more.

This morning, I rose early (not unusual) and ventured up.  When light entered the day, this was my first view.  Windy, SNOWY, gloomy and yet…


I felt an invitation to, “Be Still, Wait, Climb.”  I engaged in the invitation and…


Again, the invitation, “Be Still, Wait, Climb a little higher.”  So, with a still spirit, I climbed and waited.  As I looked over my shoulder (sometimes changing the direction of our eyes can reveal so much, while standing in the exact same place), I heard the promise of the rising sun, “I will shine.”


The promise was experienced and what it revealed…BEAUTY that both took and energized my heart with LIFE.


I pray that the Spirit reveals to you a beauty that blesses you today.



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