It’s all about the relationship.


This morning, while soaking up another glorious beginning of a brand-new, never been used before, day, I found my eyes floating from place to place, and wondering.  The light that rose above the horizon was beyond me and yet, washed over me warmed me.  I was humbled, in awe and enlivened.


Then I gazed through the branches of a tree, rooted, quite literally in a rock near by.  The light washed over and through the branches and reached my eyes with a glimpse into the life of the tree.  I wondered how many sunrises it had witnessed, how could it survive, rooted in the rock and how might I learn from this wondrous creation.


Then the light revealed to me, an “insider” glance into a life, lived. There, before me was history, faithfulness, quenched thirst, mystery and so much more.  And the light invited me into relationship.

So, here is my continued, awe filled, pondering.  This morning wasn’t about the light, or the tree, or the rock or the glimpse into a life, lived.  It’s all about the relationships.  Where the light illumines, reveals and invites us, in those precise places of connection with the light, LIFE is abundantly revealed.

May we be aware of the relationships we find in our lives and be open to the light revealing to us the life we are blessed to share.

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