Holding the eternal

One morning, I set out to see something “new”.  I hiked into Golden Gate Canyon Park on a trail I’ve never been.  It was a quiet hike to start, until I met a camper, returning from a night of camping.  He shared of a late 1800 homestead up the trail that he found to be quite peaceful and inviting.  So, up I went.  Until…fullsizeoutput_6190

I was blessed with a place that held the past and was inviting me into the now, through the past.  Stay with me here.  This space held memories.  Memories of school children gathering to learn and explore their world.  Memories of family, that called this space home, for four generations.  Memories of hard work…


Memories of sweat, tears, peace and laughter.


As I wandered to the front of the home, there was an invitation waiting for me.  An invitation that revealed the laughter.  As I sat in swings and pondered those that lived these memories, I heard laughter.  True laughter.  No, not in my fuzzy head, but, laughter that rolled down the mountain in front of me, beyond the lake.  There were three young campers and their adult companion, leaving their nearby campground.  They were exploring, learning, living and enjoying the same space I was enjoying and those that lived the memories so long ago.

Somehow, we were all experiencing the gift of eternal life: the past, present AND the yet to come.  All in one peaceful, rough, pristine and mysterious space, we were gathered together to live…together.  Live in gratitude, peace, appreciation and to live fully as we have been created to live…together.

fullsizeoutput_619eAs I shared my grateful “farewell” to this eternal space, I was invited, one more time, to receive the revealing Spirit of peace of this place and carry it with me, to the next gifted space on my journey.

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