Death and Resurrection

Today was filled with the darkest of dark AND…LIFE.  Life that is resilient and universal.

As we journey towards memories of a day filled with death, we look to the skies.  We look for hope, strength and love.


We seek and we find the light of all life, reflected in the structures and beings that stretch  upwards.


And then, we venture down.  Down into a day that no one should have to remember and a day we must all remember.  We journey into the foundation of life that was.


We venture down…with trembling and fear and …


We witness what terror and courage can be.  We stand in awe.  We stand silent.


We stand silent and remember, remember those we never met and yet we cherish and grieve.


Then, we begin to rise again.  We journey upwards while gazing down, down into the dark, the dark that is washed with light that no darkness can overcome.


We rise and witness where once stood two towers of life, two towers that are no longer.  And yet, we rise…together.


We rise and remember the names.  Names we may not know and names who are loved.  And on this day, a rose is placed into the memory of a loved name that on this day, would have celebrated the day of their birth.


May we never forget and may we, TOGETHER, rise…rise together, into a tomorrow that the light will reveal, reveal a spirit that lives in, through and around us all.  Rest in peace and may light perpetual bless you and bless us all, together.  Amen.

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