Gifts to Share: 2017-6-24 GO ROCKIES!?!?

When in New York…

While Linda and HSLC were rehearsing for Carnegie, the kids and I went to a Yankee game.  As an amateur baseball fan, I was aware of some of the amazing history that this “place” held.

While in line outside, we were jovially heckled by one fan…a Diamondbacks fan.  Everyone else, as long as you didn’t wear Red Sox gear, you were tolerated well.

Also, while in line, with our Rockies gear on, we were greeted by Trevor Story’s cousin.  She proclaimed that she loved our Rockies shirts and told us that her cousin played for the Rockies.  She had our attention.  We asked “Who?”.  “Trevor Story”.  Um, yeah, we’ve heard of him.  She was beaming with pride for her cousin, and we joined her.

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Yup, a LOT of history.  The line to get to “Monument Park” was energetically LONG and closed right when we were walking by, before the game.  Next time.
The Bronx…
Linda’s favorite…NOT!!!  He flew out to center.  You could hear Linda cheering from her rehearsal hall.
We enjoyed our time at the game: the stadium, history, company and the fans.  Thank you.

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