Carnegie Hall: Practice, Practice, Blessed.

After practice after practice after practice and then…more practice, 9 members of Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church Chancel Choir and over a hundred more singers from California found themselves standing in Stern Auditorium in  Carnegie Hall, in New York city.

This same stage has welcomed individuals and groups from around the world, each bringing and representing a piece of history.  Some, you may have heard of: John Phillip Sousa, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Gershwin, Bernstein, Stravinsky, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Beatles, Robin Williams…AND Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church, to name a few.  And, there were many others who were blessed to sit in the audience, soaking up the gifts that those on stage generously shared.  I count myself  as one of the blessed.

This day began with…PRACTICE.  One final practice…


Linda, practicing in the back row.
Linda’s view. A similar view as those mentioned earlier.  Just let that soak in for a bit.
Looking up.

After all the practice, the night has come to bless the world with shared gifts: composer, director, instrumentalists, and singers, united by the same music and the  desire to passionately share.

Our family was and is blessed to be a part of this memorable moment.


These fine singers represented Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church, their families and themselves with tremendous talent, dedication and LOVE.  I am more than honored to call them friends…and one of them my beautiful wife.


Now, the moment has arrived and the Spirit Revealed yet another blessed moment to cherish and remember forever.


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