Shine…right where you’re at.

Everyday comes with a promise and an opportunity…to shine.  Like the mountains, we are invited to stand, eager to reflect the source of all light, sometimes known as “The light, no darkness can overcome.”


Where ever we may find ourselves, The Light will shine.  It may seem dim where we stand, yet The Light is enough to to transform, even the darkest, rockiest places in our lives.


The Light is enough to reflect on and through us, to bring light into the world, even in the dark thickets of life.


We’re invited to open up and reflect The Light just as we’ve been created to be.  Reflect so all around you will know, there IS Light in the darkness.


Stand tall and reflect The Light.  It may catch the eye of a passer-by and make them stop and wonder, “How can it be?  One that I have passed by, un-noticed so many times before, but today, Light beams from its tiny branches?”


Where ever your path may take you today…up, down, around a corner…reflect The Light and Shine.


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