Moments of reflection

Some mornings are full of opportunities to reflect on life.  This morning…one of those mornings.

First reflection…I’m blessed beyond my ability to take it all in at once.

Emerald Lake

Invited to lean in and take in just a portion of the blessing.  Still, overwhelmingly blessed.

Emerald Lake

Life moves us along the trail, filled with light, and more places of reflective blessing.

Dream Lake

Another invitation to lean in and witness the blessing of a well weathered and rooted life.

Dream Lake

Continuing on the trail of life and guess what…

Some may remember an earlier photo of mine from Nymph Lake, of a bench looking over the lake.  Well, this is the view from that very bench.

So I sat, reflected… and The Creator showed up. (I’m thinking this life-giving presence was there all along.  Just a hunch.) With arms stretched out in love, compassion, abundance and a smile that stretched out in all that was before me and I was filled with gratitude.

Nymph Lake

From the bench, I gazed into the water and that which stretched for the sky, reminded me to remember that I too, belong to the Creator and to drink in the life-giving love.

Nymph Lake

I shifted my eyes to other portions of the lake…and the same reminder.

Nymph Lake
Nymph Lake

Then I returned to Bear Lake, a place filled with memories of those that I was blessed to love and to be loved by.  I reflected over a flood of memories that fill my childhood, adult hood and beyond…Blessed…

May you be blessed with times and places of reflection, sitting with the Creator and source of ALL these blessings…and more.

Bear Lake

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