Revealings from Roxborough on New Years Day 2018

New Year Light…

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-1

New light touches and brings to life.

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-2

Neighbors enjoying the new light in their illumined neighborhood..

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-4

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-3

Invitation to be still and look around…

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-8

The view from the bench…(Yes, I did)

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-9

More revealings on the way up…

Revealing from the top…

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1 Panarama-2Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-7

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-11

Descending into even more revealings…

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-12Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-14

…and one more invitation.

Roxburough Park 2018-1-1-13

Blessed beginning of 2018.


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