Holy Saturday revealings

The revealings began while I chased, what I hoped would be the setting moon.  I climbed with only the faint glow of hoping to see the moon.  As I arrived at the top, my heart was filled to over-flowing.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-1Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-2

Good night…

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-3

Turn around…and…Good morning.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-5Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-4

Everything the new light illumines, new life emerges.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-6Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-7

While following the Spirits invitation, I sat down and was blessed with the unfolding of a mini migration.

First, the leader emerges…

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-8

…and soon, she is not alone.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-9

Slowly, the rest of the family arrives.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-10

With my presence revealed, the rest of the migration cautiously continued.

The leader gathers her courage…

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-11

…and then leaps through the area filled with countless hiding places.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-12

Safely through to the other side, she looks back to the rest of the family and invites them onward.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-13

After intently watching their leader navigate the path ahead, they now venture onward.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-14

A glance reveals a reminder of the Holiness of the day.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-16

And yes, I am who I am, because I am washed and claimed by the great, I AM.

Matthews Winters 2018-3-31-17

May the Spirit reveal to you…


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