Searching for the light…

Some days we rise and the light seems to elude us.  All that we see in front of us are shades of grey darkness.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-1Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-8Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-9

But maybe on these days, we are invited to seek the light not with our eyes, but with our heart…or maybe our ears.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-2Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-3Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-4

And the light we find, is surrounding us and waiting to reveal reflections of the light, maybe even at our feet.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-6Green Mountain Trail 2018-4-11-7

May God’s light shine within, around and through you, today.

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