Thank you…

After a soul enriching week, it was time to say “Thank you” and return to my cherished home.

Ingram Peak, peaked through to send me off, filling me with abundance.  Thank you.

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-1

With Wilson Peak still bashful, and behind the clouds, the textures below smiled with me in peace and harmony.  Thank you.

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-2

Then, hitting the road, bound for home, I picked up lunch in Montrose.  Lunch in hand, the spirit led me to a mystery spot to enjoy my lunch.  “Follow me.”  So, I did.

Then from the corner of my eye the movement of some very large birds caught my eye.  From a distance, I was filled with excitement that, maybe, just maybe, Bald Eagles were congregating in a nearby tree.

I drove a little closer, peered through the telephoto lens,  and…

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-3

No, not Bald Eagles, but still magnificent to observe.

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-4

And yes, they filled the tree, and joined me in admiring our surroundings.

Thank you.

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-5The Spirit then tapped me on my shoulder and led me into the “mystery” location, to enjoy my lunch.

And what a breath taking location it was…

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-7

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-6Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-11

With body, soul, eyes and being all fed, abundantly, it was again time to say, Thank you.

Continuing the journey home, I was surrounded by scenes that made it difficult to just pass through.  So, I didn’t, I stopped and received the grandeur through my lens, eyes and spirit.

Thank you.

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-9

With the spirit around, within and before me, I continued on my way, filled to overflowing, unable to hold it all in.  So, I let it all hold me.

Roadtrip home 2018-4-21-8

Thank you.

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  1. That is such a beautiful area, and “Thank You” for sharing those wonderful pictures and inspiring thoughts. I needed my spirits lifted this morning, and those were exactly what I needed.

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