New revealings…

As I anticipate the beginning of the new day…

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-12

I’m greeted with…

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-2

…a warning slap.

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-3

Then, a new friend joins us.

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-6


Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-7

With slaps, fishing and breakfast behind us, it was time to welcome the new day.

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-5

We gaze into the golden glow of promise.

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-8

The new light illumines a fragrent beauty…

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-10

… and elegance…

Bear Creek Lake 2018-5-7-9

May the Spirit reveal a day bursting with blessing for and through you.


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