Revealings of dreams, song and majesty

From the trail this morning, the Spirit revealed a symphony or sight, dreams and song.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-2

This beauty seemed to have an intensity and determination…

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-5

…that “Some day, I will sing…

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-3

…there.”  Little one, your song is equally magnificent, if not surpassing all that have shared their song in that place.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-4

The symphony continued, as our eyes met and then…

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-6

…more song for the sake of the world.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-8

May we follow the invitation of these gifts, and lift our voices as one symphony, for the sake of ALL.

Green Mountain Trail 2018-5-15-9

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