Quiet, yet busy

I love spending some quiet time in Red Rocks Park on most Sunday mornings, on my way to worship.

Red Rocks Park 2018-7-8-1

This morning my attention was drawn upward where the Spirit seemed to reveal an old childhood, friend.

Red Rocks Park 2018-7-8-2

Anyone else see Fred Flintstone?

Red Rocks Park 2018-7-8-3

So Fred and I got caught up with one another and we both enjoyed the quiet start to the the day.

Red Rocks Park 2018-7-8-4

Funny when we find ourselves in a quiet moment, we notice other gifts humming close by.

Red Rocks Park 2018-7-8-5Red Rocks Park 2018-7-8-6

May the Spirit reveal for you, blessed and full, quiet moments in your daily journey.

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