Morning light revealings

Favorite time of day for me…  These are a few of the reasons why.

Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-2

I found myself looking for Mufasa and Simba…

Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-1

I thought that sounded like a different kind of elk… Well, the sun revealed…

Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-4

Always an eye catcher.

Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-3Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-5

These blossoms of blessing welcome me down the trail, first with their bright white glow.  Then, an invitation to peer closer.

Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-6

And then, the neighbor says, “Good Morning, Michael!”

Matthews Winters Park 2018-8-14-7

And I say, “Good morning and … THANK YOU.

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