Hints of transformation among the glimpse of winter…

Hiking into the new day with hints of winter all around.

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-5

Yeah, these were not here two days ago, when it was 65 degrees.

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-6

Peering into the “valley”…

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-3

…and “light” is revealed.  Yup, it happens that way and it’s  a “Promise.”

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-4

Bathed in the new light.

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-2

The vibrancy of color/life POPS when combined with a blanket of white and just a hint of light.

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-7

May the Spirit reveal the transformational presence of light on your journey, today.

Red Rocks Park 2018-10-15-1


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