New Day Revealings

Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-1
Waiting to reflect
Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-2
Washed in, reflecting and soaking in the light

Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-3

Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-5
Be still and look around
Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-6
Evergreen stripes
Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-9
Quiet boldness
Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-8
And all creation will proclaim the GLORY all around us.
Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-10
Think I’ll find a different place to be still
Mt. Falcon Park 2018-12-8-7
What might be revealed around the next corner and over the next hill?

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