Mt. Evans reveals a blessing for the eyes…and spirit.

The journey begins…

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-1

The wind welcomes me to the neighborhood…

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-3Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-4Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-5

Ummm…random structures…

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-6

A new neighborhood reveals the power and beauty of age, nature and light, in intimate relationship..

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-7Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-8Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-9

Somehow the wind knows when the camera is out…

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-10

…grateful for my back to the wind.

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-11Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-12

An eternal, intergenerational moment.

Mt. Evans 2018-12-22-13

May the Spirit reveal for you, life that is abundant.

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