First and abundant revealings of the new year

First revealing of 2019 warms my spirit, even if it is -2 degrees.

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-1

With the new light of the new year, I peer upwards…

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-2

…and back down to receive all that the light touches and reveals.

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-3Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-4

An invitation to take first steps.

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-5

The steps lifted me to a special place of revealings…

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-6Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-7Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-8Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-9

Another…invitation to be still…

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-10

What the image can not reveal to you is the perfect and spirit filled silence that washed over me in this eternal moment.

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-11

Go ahead, right where you are…be still…and breathe in the new.

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-13Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-14

When the light shines around you, may your sparkle catch the eye of those around you.

Roxburough Park 2019-1-1-12

May the Spirit reveal a new and eternal light as we enter a new, never been used before, full of opportunity and possibility, year.


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