A bridge’s invitation to new perspectives

A bridge can bring an invitation to new perspectives.  Will we accept the offer?

Some will accept and climb to higher points, with higher cost…

sydney australia part 1 2019-1-24-4
Bridge Climbers

…and increased fear.  Will they feel the price is worth it?  You have to ask them.

sydney australia part 1 2019-1-24-5
Strapped in

Today, I choose to simply accept the invitation, and walk across… with Love beside me.

sydney australia part 1 2019-1-24-3
Cheaper, alternative route

I wonder, beginning a new partnership and commitment together, while a bridge rises above them…where will life lead them…us?

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-2

Half way across, we find that new perspectives bring new revealings of beauty.

sydney australia part 1 2019-1-24-1sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-1

On the “other side”, we find new neighbors with even envious views.

sydney australia part 1 2019-1-24-2

We may even return, when darkness sets in and catch hints of the setting sun.

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-3
Hints of the setting sun

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-8

Some new neighbors reveal fears from within and yet, curiosity and wonder are there also.

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-6

Then, as we reach the “other side” we join those who have gathered and glance “back” with a new perspective.

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-7

Turns out, new perspectives can reveal new beauty and a new sense of “awe”…

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-5

…that never could be “seen” unless we accept the bridge’s invitation.

Don’t let our own fears or even looming darkness, keep us from from taking steps towards possibility, wonder and potentially, even…transformation.

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-9

sydney australia part 2 2019-1-24-11
Luna Park

May the Spirit reveal new perspectives to us and may we be open to take steps to see, a new way.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, and thoughts to go along with them. Looks like you and Linda are having a wonderful time in Sydney.

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