Welcome to Tauranga, New Zealand

Sailing into Tauranga, we are met by Mount Maunganui, one of the MANY volcanoes in the area.Tauranga 2019-6

At the foot of Mount Maunganui, Tangaroa, Maori’s God of the Sea, greets all who enter Tauranga from the sea, with the fierce wero.  The wero makes sure that any visitors are entering in peace.

Tauranga 2019-5

Up on the side of Mount Maunganui, we are invited to be still and peer towards…

Tauranga 2019-1Tauranga 2019-3

…another reminder of the wero, painted on a water tower.

Tauranga 2019-2

Two visitors were enjoying the peaceful beach of the quiet volcano.

Tauranga 2019-4

Then we had lunch where, once again, we are greeted by a living Maori,  with a reminder to keep our peaceful intentions.

Tauranga 2019-7

A short bus ride to Rotorua brought us to Rainbow Springs Nature Reserve.  Here, the Spirit revealed the elegant beauty of this white swan.  We also caught a glimpse of a kiwi bird in a dark and very quiet room, simulating the environment that kiwis are most active.

Tauranga 2019-8

The final leg of this day took us to Wai O Tapu Thermal Wonderland.  On this HOT day, we found ourselves with invitations to soak in all that was being revealed to us through our eyes and our skin.

Tauranga 2019-10Tauranga 2019-11Tauranga 2019-12Tauranga 2019-9

Thank you, Tauranga.

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