Loving the new, yet familiar path

First steps onto the familiar, yet freshly new path…

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-2

I tiny, un-known partner is sharing the path.  Walking by myself, but NOT alone.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-14Red Rocks 2019-3-14-15

This morning, the path is adorned with a beauty that whispers to me, “Welcome back, Michael.  You are surrounded with a beautiful love that welcomes your footsteps.”

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-3

Along the way, the whispers continue to reach deep inside me and bring my feet, mind, heart and soul to a quiet and invigorating place of peace.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-8Red Rocks 2019-3-14-9Red Rocks 2019-3-14-11

Everywhere I turn, the strokes of a divine artist bring sighs of wonder and joy to my breath.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-12

Reminders that others have gone before me and left reminders of a community that we share.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-16Red Rocks 2019-3-14-17

Sometimes, I’m not sure how it is that we can still hang on, and yet, we do…until we are transformed into something new.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-20

Oh, the neighborhood has been transformed and is being transformed, in front of my eyes.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-23Red Rocks 2019-3-14-24Red Rocks 2019-3-14-28Red Rocks 2019-3-14-32

Makes me want to sing…

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-34Red Rocks 2019-3-14-37

May the Spirit reveal for you a love that can transform your life into a life that beautifies your life and the lives around you.

Red Rocks 2019-3-14-29


PS: While creating this post, I’ve been listening to Nimrod from The Enigma Variations by Sir Edward Elgar.  Give it a listen while enjoying the images and may you be blessed, as I am.


  1. Beautiful pictures along with some beautiful and inspiring thoughts. Thank-you for sharing those, and have a blessed day.

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