Falling in love…again, with my neighborhood

After a spring snow, chances are, you’ll find me here.


Revealings 2019-4-11-1

The beauty that surrounds me here, soaks into my spirit like few things can.

Revealings 2019-4-11-2

There is something about bringing the first footprints on the path that both excites and brings peace to my soul.

Revealings 2019-4-11-3

How lucky am I to look around and receive the divine beauty that welcomes me?

Revealings 2019-4-11-6Revealings 2019-4-11-7

Then, a glance to the trees and more beauty, all covered with blue.

Revealings 2019-4-11-4Revealings 2019-4-11-5

Then, the path invites me into a place that promises to reveal both resiliency and hope.

Revealings 2019-4-11-8Revealings 2019-4-11-9Revealings 2019-4-11-10Revealings 2019-4-11-11

Filled with the infectious hope, I rise into yet another embrace of beauty.

Revealings 2019-4-11-12

And now, a voice from the past, blesses me with gratitude.

Revealings 2019-4-11-13
Statue of John Denver.

Somehow, I consistently venture from this special place…invigorated, peaceful, grateful, and renewed.  Some would say this is a Sacred Space where God comes near.

Revealings 2019-4-11-14

I am one who KNOWS that God has come near for me, in this place.

May the Spirit reveal a sacred space for you, today, that will fill you with life…life abundant.



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