Filled to overflowing.

I entered, not certain as to where to go.  Options, each good options, kept demanding I pay attention to them.

“Rise higher, Michael.  We won’t disappoint you.”

So, I did.

RMNP 2019-5-22-1

With this unfolding in front of me…and only me, I tried to absorb it all which produced from me, audible laughter and giggles.  The gentle light and cloud show reminded me that Light was what started it all.  Who am I that this, this gift of grace, is to be presented to me?

RMNP 2019-5-22-2

All I have in response are…more giggles, a heart that beats with gratitude and these seemingly inadequate words, “Thank you.”

RMNP 2019-5-22-3

Then…another invitation to BE present, again, with the One that is in the light and all that it touches.

RMNP 2019-5-22-4RMNP 2019-5-22-5

Now, time to venture to a “new” place.  So, up we go, again.

RMNP 2019-5-22-10

Even while my footprints in the snow are the only ones I see, I’m reminded that I share this journey.

RMNP 2019-5-22-6

My thoughts settle into a peace the fills my soul.

Still wondering, “This is May 22, isn’t it?”

RMNP 2019-5-22-7

Reminders of to whom I belong and find my primary identity.

RMNP 2019-5-22-8RMNP 2019-5-22-9

And then this.  Yet, another invitation to BE here and be filled.

Not a bad lunch spot.

RMNP 2019-5-22-11

Then this cutie came to say hello.

RMNP 2019-5-22-14RMNP 2019-5-22-12RMNP 2019-5-22-15

This friend was more bold in seeking my attention.

RMNP 2019-5-22-13

Now, over flowing with blessing, it is time to return.

Another experience of “abundance, grace, beauty, love and assurance” that leaves me with a smile that begins in my heart and permeates through my whole being.

RMNP 2019-5-22-16

May the Spirit reveal for you, abundant sources of gratitude.


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