Images of LIFE, celebrated and cherished.

Rising early opens me to quiet, peace-filled and invigorating opportunities to receive…

RMNP 2019-5-24-1

…receive the grandeur…

RMNP 2019-5-24-2

…the gift of imagination…

RMNP 2019-5-24-3

…and the invitation to continue.

RMNP 2019-5-24-5

First sighting of the source of light, on this day, the day I give thanks for yet, another year of LIFE.

RMNP 2019-5-24-7

My spirit lifts into the heavens.

RMNP 2019-5-24-9

You know…what might be revealed?

RMNP 2019-5-24-10

A visit to a place that is filled with memories of unconditional love.

RMNP 2019-5-24-11RMNP 2019-5-24-12

Yes, this is May 24.

RMNP 2019-5-24-13


RMNP 2019-5-24-14

Looking back and still in awe of where I’ve been.

RMNP 2019-5-24-15RMNP 2019-5-24-16

Eye to eye, we give thanks for the source of life of us all.

RMNP 2019-5-24-18

An opportunity to journey higher…this time, on foot.

RMNP 2019-5-24-19

Some choose to ride their bike, up into…

RMNP 2019-5-24-21

…the heights and STONG wind.

RMNP 2019-5-24-20

A place and moment to reflect on where I’ve been and look to both sides and realize… there are far more views than merely left and right.  Thanks be to God.

RMNP 2019-5-24-22

Some views demand that my feet stop and my heart to be still and KNOW.

RMNP 2019-5-24-24RMNP 2019-5-24-25RMNP 2019-5-24-26

All week, I’ve been wondering where the neighbors had been.  Today, we meet.

RMNP 2019-5-24-27

Please forgive my inadequate words to what the Spirit has revealed.  AND thank you for sharing these with me.

RMNP 2019-5-24-28

May the Spirit continue to open each of us to all that is being placed in front of us, everyday.

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