Seeking breakfast

When the first light of the day says, “Hello”…

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-1

…the search begins.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-2

But first, it is time to sharpen the tools you’ve been given.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-3

Surveying the area.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-4

The “path” is chosen the hunt is on.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-5

Something catches the eye…

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-6

…and in we go.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-7

Breakfast has been caught…

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-8

…and in it goes.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-9Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-10Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-11

Now, out of the pool and enjoy the day.

Bear Creek Lake 2019-6-5-12May the Spirit reveal nourishment for your tummy, eyes and soul.


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