Leaning into the new…

Sometimes…I like to get down on the ground and see from here.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-4

I peer across from me and my spirit is quickly filled.

Then, an invitation to…

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-2

…lean in and receive that which often, is never seen.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-1

Lean in and be amazed by the tiny, the delicate and the quiet.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-3

Peer another direction and see.

Another invitation to lean in.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-5

Lean into another, new…tiny, delicate and quiet.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-6

Glancing in another direction…my spirit sings.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-7

My spirit breathes in the peace, the beauty and the gift of this moment, right here, and right now.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-8

New color.  New form.  New sighs of gratitude.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-10

Yet, one last peek into the new and my spirit…

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-8-9

…flutters into the new day.

May the Spirit reveal for you, gifts that make you soar.

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