Let’s go meet our neighbors.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-1

Good morning.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-2

Not much of a conversationalist.  Actually, he said just what needed to be said.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-3

Ummm, I can still see you.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-6

The whole clan enjoying breakfast with a view.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-5

Others, were more interested in the odd one up the hill with the camera.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-4

“Hey Mom, do you see that little one up there?”

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-8


2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-9

“Hold still.  You didn’t clean behind your…wait, let me clean the whole ear for you.”

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-10

“Love you, Mom.”  “Love you too, little one.”

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-11

“He’s still watching, isn’t he?”

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-12


2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-13

“…how long is he going to stick around and why is he so interested in my bath time?”

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-14


2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-15


2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-17


2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-182-19-7-9 Green Mountain-19

Love where I get to call home…Just sayin’.

2-19-7-9 Green Mountain-20

May the Spirit reveal the joy that is awaiting you.



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