Waking to the new that is always before us

As “Herman” gazes into the new day…

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-4

…the constant smile of welcome fills his face and the life all around him.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-7

A glance upward reminds us of the power of reflecting the light, even from a distance.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-1

Rising in front of us, the embrace of life that consistently is being made new.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-5

After countless sunrises, the familiar radiates the new glow of the eternal.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-2

If I am still, I become aware of the silent blessing that flutters in and out of sight.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-3

With the new light of the eternal, we, as community, family and neighbors, awaken together to share in the light.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-8

May we be patient with one another as we cherish both the old and the new.  Together, we catch a glimpse of this blessing of the eternal.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-10

Don’t forget to lean into the new and have revealed for you something that brightens your spirit.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-6Revealing Spirit 2019-7-23-9May the Spirit reveal for you the eternal joy that this new day brings.


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