Embraced by the dance of color

Go ahead, lean into the color that awaits you.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-1Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-2Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-3Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-4

Be still and open your spirit to receive the new color that flutters around you.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-5Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-6Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-7

Witness the dance of out-stretched wings, a platform of color and a soaring spirit.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-9Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-10Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-11

Peek into the delicate and bold.

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-13

Take a drink…

Revealing Spirit 2019-7-24-14

…and may the Spirit reveal a new dance within and around you, today.

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