Car wash, Mt. Evans style.

Hi, I noticed a spot on your car.  I can take care of that for you.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-9Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-10

Then it was my car’s turn.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-14Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-15

When you see the horns walk by, that’s the signal that they are done and you can head on down the mountain.  So, I did, with my heart and face full of smiles.

Mt Evans parade 2019-8-4-16

I wouldn’t recommend this crew for body work on your vehicle.  For entertainment and smudges of love all over your bumpers, tires and doors, you won’t find a better crew.

May the Spirit reveal smudges of love for you, today.

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