Drifting into the spirit of Autumn

Stepping into the dark and catching a glimps…

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-1

Herman, gazing over his neighborhood with a face of welcome.


Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-5

I join him in a glance and a deep breath of gratitude.

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-4

Then the invitation to look closer.

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-6

My spirit soars with the wonder that waits silently to be revealed

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-2Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-3

Each image, unique.  Each image, spills deep within me.

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-7

Then “Look even closer, Michael.”

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-8

A whole new world, with new perspectives is unfolding, as I lean in even closer.

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-10

Yes, I could stay here longer.  Soak up even more and continue to be washed in the awe.

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-9

Instead, what the Spirit has revealed is not found beyond me, it resides in a profound relationship WITH.

Red Rocks trail 2019-10-1-11

Thank you.

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