As the surroundings are transformed…

With hope, I seek an horizon in the darkness…showered with stars. (Quite literally.  I witnessed MANY shooting stars this morning.  Took my breath away and filled me with WONDER!)

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-1RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-2

With the chill (numbing freeze) blowing in seemingly all directions, I seek a firm place to stand, and…wait with anticipation.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-3

Yes the winds of life can disrupt the senses and redecorate your surroundings…with…color?!?!

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-4

With the COLD wind in my face, I watch as the waters of life are transformed, all while the horizon is revealed…and maybe…not yet.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-5

Yes, I am grateful for layers of protection…love, hope, peace, joy…you know the song.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-6

Then, like the face of a new born, (one born before time was counted), a game of “peek-a-boo” is played with the eternal.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-7

During the “game”, glimpses…revealings of grandeur are briefly uncovered…then, seemingly, disappear.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-8

During the, oh so chilling, game of hide and seek with the eternal, I notice that the waters of life are forming a chilling crust upon the surface.  Growing ever so slowly.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-10

And my attention is caught by the silent beauty close at hand.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-9

The trail ahead, leads beside the now, frozen waters, into a world illumined with promise.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-11RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-13

Where will the trail of life lead?  Will the waters flow again?  Will I regain feeling to my face?  Will the smile on my face, ever thaw?  The spirit with in me, warms me with joy, that reaches…

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-14

…higher and into new adventures and new surroundings, yet still familiar.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-16

During this season of change, stay rooted, rise, and reflect as much light as your body allows.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-15

Observe as new neighbors bring an excitement…

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-17

…a renewed joy…

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-20

…a new glimmer in the eye…

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-18

…and a sense of awe that fills the soul.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-19

So, I take in the surroundings…the ancient, colorful, changing, promised and…

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-21

…all its majesty.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-23

All while my eyes are drawn upwards with awe and gratitude.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-24

Thank you, Spirit.

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-26

Now, together, let us continue along the path of adventure and…

RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-25

…life, life abundant.

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