Dancing with the moon

With the moon stuck on “high-beam”, it reflected light that filled Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.

RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-3RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-1

The reflected light revealed beauty hiding beneath the sheet of darkness.

RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-2

The setting moon streaking across Sprague Lake.

RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-4

Saying “Good night/Good morning” dipping behind Flattop Mountain.

RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-5RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-7RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-8

Resting before the next light show begins

RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-9

Crowds in Rocky Mountain National Park? Show up in the dark and the park will be ALL YOURS.  Yup, thanks be to God, I’m wired to wake early, to enjoy moments like this.

RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-10

Thank you.

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