Thank you, Rocky Mountain National Park

You welcomed me, just as I was.  You gave me your best and the Spirit revealed around and within me, new and renewed life.

RMNP 2019-10-8-4RMNP 2019-10-8-7RMNP 2019-10-9-1RMNP 2019-10-9-7RMNP 2019-10-10-1RMNP 2019-10-10-2RMNP 2019-10-10-8RMNP 2019-10-10-9RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-2RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-8RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-17RMNP 2019-10-11 AM-19RMNP 2019-10-12 AM-6RMNP 2019-10-12 AM-7RMNP 2019-10-12 AM-12RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-4RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-5RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-8RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-10RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-15RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-16RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-20RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-25RMNP 2019-10-13 AM-27

Refreshed and renewed, you send me, re-connected: body, mind and soul.

Thank you.

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