The abrupt beauty of change

The journey began with hope for new light.

Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-21Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-19Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-18

While waiting in hope, a messenger arrives with an invitation to glance over your shoulder, into a new direction.

Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-20

Outstretched before you is a horizon filled with the colors of your imagination.

Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-15Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-14Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-17Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-11

Then, looking back…you discover that the new light your were hoping for…well, it was seemingly replaced with a frigid puff of a breeze and a new landscape.

Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-9

A quick glance over the other shoulder and a sigh of gratitude…

Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-6

The journey back reveals the power of the new light that will not be inhibited by the chilled air, as the blanket of a new season is placed over your home.

Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-4Green Mountain Trail 201-10-23-2

Yes, change can come quickly and it may abruptly, alert your senses…revealing…that you are truly ALIVE!

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