Journey into Advent

Begins with a step… and never alone.

Revealing 2019-12-22-1


Revealing 2019-12-22-2


Revealing 2019-12-22-4


Revealing 2019-12-22-7

Remembering who I am and to whom I belong and is here with us…

Revealing 2019-12-22-12

Stepping along the path with anticipation…

Revealing 2019-12-22-13

Being still…

Revealing 2019-12-22-14

While waiting, we are linked together in hope.

Revealing 2019-12-22-16Revealing 2019-12-22-15Revealing 2019-12-22-8

…the new light, just before dawn.

Revealing 2019-12-22-6Revealing 2019-12-22-5

Washed in new light…

Revealing 2019-12-22-10Revealing 2019-12-22-9Revealing 2019-12-22-11Revealing 2019-12-22-18Revealing 2019-12-22-20

“O, come, O, come…”

Revealing 2019-12-22-19

May the Spirit reveal the hope that we wait for and surrounds us now.

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