Reflecting light into the darkness vs. Casting a shadow

As the new year begins, I head up the path…wondering…

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-9

…lifting my eyes higher…

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-5

…reflecting on the past…

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-4-2

…pondering the place I call home…

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-1-2Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-4Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-1Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-2Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-3

And I’m filled with a revealing for the upcoming year.  As Monet would concur, the most important part of the images that fill my life, is the LIGHT.  Looking back upon the images above, notice the glimmer, the illumination, and the glow.  Take the light away, and the darkness wins.

So, this year, my guiding phrase will be, “REFLECT the LIGHT into the darkness while being mindful of where my shadow is cast.”

I begin, knowing that I am not the LIGHT.  I reflect the light, that NO darkness will overcome.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-2-2

I take lessons from the reflectors of light that surround me.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-7Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-6

While reflecting the LIGHT, I become aware that shadows can bring a temporary beauty upon a canvas of light.  But, without the light, beauty disappears.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-10Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-8

And, as the light shines through the darkness, the silhouette of darkness welcomes the new LIGHT.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-7-2Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-11-2

And this new LIGHT brings a life that lifts life that soars out of the cold darkness.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-8-2Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-10-2

REFLECTING the LIGHT into the eyes of memory, LIFTS my Spirit.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-12-2

REFLECTING the LIGHT welcomes the new day with new challenges and opportunities.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-6-2

Shining through the darkness, brings reminders to LEARN, ALWAYS learn.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-3-2

REFLECTING the LIGHT reminds me to stay rooted in a foundation that cannot be shaken.

Rejoicing Spirits 2020-1-6-12

2020, I look forward to REFLECTING the LIGHT into the darkness that may arrive upon my path, knowing that I am not the light, BUT, I am called to…REFLECT the LIGHT.

With God’s help, I will reflect and shine.

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