“Pay attention”

As the “Snow Moon” bid me farewell I heard the invitation, “Pay Attention, Michael.”

RSTN 2020-2-10-1

“Pay attention, Michael,” began to stir within me as I followed the path upwards.  What could these words mean?  Somehow, I knew this invitation, this direction, this loving command.  There was something familiar and yet, fresh, mysterious and hope-filled.

RSTN 2020-2-10-2

“Turn around and pay attention.”

RSTN 2020-2-10-3

“Continue and pay attention to the path that has been shared.  By whom?  A familiar name?  Others that I will never know, other than, we shared a path.

Pay attention, Michael.

RSTN 2020-2-10-4

Pay attention as the horizon uncovered, covered and uncovered again.

RSTN 2020-2-10-5RSTN 2020-2-10-6RSTN 2020-2-10-7RSTN 2020-2-10-8

Pay attention as the light, that NO darkness, no cloud, will darken, reveals the beauty that is…

RSTN 2020-2-10-10RSTN 2020-2-10-11

Pay attention, and know, that even if there are no visible tracks, others have journeyed to this place, before you and they welcome you now.

RSTN 2020-2-10-12

Pay attention to the sparkle…

RSTN 2020-2-10-15

Pay attention to the memories of wisdom shared and the consistent love, that continues to embrace you, right now.

RSTN 2020-2-10-13

Pay attention to this love, both up close and from afar.

RSTN 2020-2-10-14

Yes, pay attention to what the Spirit is revealing for, in and through you.

And, Let your light shine.


  1. Our Snow Moon here in Baltimore was incredible. This piece actually made me shiver, not least remembering our times together. Bless you, Michael…

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