“Pay attention”

As the “Snow Moon” bid me farewell I heard the invitation, “Pay Attention, Michael.”

RSTN 2020-2-10-1

“Pay attention, Michael,” began to stir within me as I followed the path upwards.  What could these words mean?  Somehow, I knew this invitation, this direction, this loving command.  There was something familiar and yet, fresh, mysterious and hope-filled.

RSTN 2020-2-10-2

“Turn around and pay attention.”

RSTN 2020-2-10-3

“Continue and pay attention to the path that has been shared.  By whom?  A familiar name?  Others that I will never know, other than, we shared a path.

Pay attention, Michael.

RSTN 2020-2-10-4

Pay attention as the horizon uncovered, covered and uncovered again.

RSTN 2020-2-10-5RSTN 2020-2-10-6RSTN 2020-2-10-7RSTN 2020-2-10-8

Pay attention as the light, that NO darkness, no cloud, will darken, reveals the beauty that is…

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Pay attention, and know, that even if there are no visible tracks, others have journeyed to this place, before you and they welcome you now.

RSTN 2020-2-10-12

Pay attention to the sparkle…

RSTN 2020-2-10-15

Pay attention to the memories of wisdom shared and the consistent love, that continues to embrace you, right now.

RSTN 2020-2-10-13

Pay attention to this love, both up close and from afar.

RSTN 2020-2-10-14

Yes, pay attention to what the Spirit is revealing for, in and through you.

And, Let your light shine.

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