Lenten Illumination #1

Have a seat, open up and receive…

Loving home-1

Receive this new day as gift: a gift to enjoy and a gift to share.

Loving home-2Loving home-3

If you find yourself surrounded in the shadows of grey…

Loving home-4

Look close and receive the presence of a quiet companion…

Loving home-5

Gaze into the grey and notice…the hint of a colorful light, breaking in.

Loving home-6

The shared path, may show evidence of tiny neighbors, unseen, elusive and silent to your ears…but maybe not to the heart.

Loving home-7

Look up…the light has come to reveal new beauty in the steadfast surroundings of life.

Loving home-8Loving home-9Loving home-10

The light that is in front of you, is a life giving light.  It has the power to melt away the cold and illumine the darkest path.

Loving home-11Loving home-12

Remember to stop…look around…notice the beauty that holds and surrounds you.

Loving home-13Loving home-14

If you look…with the eyes of imagination and the child within…you may notice…FLIPPER has joined you again.

Loving home-16

If it is difficult to see anything right now, allow me to share with you, “You are loved, right where you are and just the way you are.”  It is true.  I’ve seen this love and I see it  with you.

Loving home-15

May the Spirit reveal for you, life giving illuminations of love, all around and within you on your Lenten journey.

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