I Lift My Eyes…Lenten Illuminations #2

I lift my eyes … where will our help come from?

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Our help comes from the creator…

RSTN 2020-3-8 pt 2-4

…The creator of heaven and earth.

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The creator of new life is our help.

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We may not know where the wind blows.  And yet, it lifts us up to soar.

RSTN 2020-3-8 pt 2-14RSTN 2020-3-8 pt 2-16

Spirit born…

RSTN 2020-3-8 pt 2-21

The path is before us.  Will we venture on our own?

RSTN 2020-3-8-1

Or, will we respond to the ever present invitation to sit with the Creator

RSTN 2020-3-8-3RSTN 2020-3-8-4RSTN 2020-3-8-5

Sitting with the Creator sometimes reveals a wink and a smile.

RSTN 2020-3-8-9

And then, the Spirit reveals another moment to rise up and live.

RSTN 2020-3-8-7RSTN 2020-3-8-8

Yes, I lift my eyes…and the Spirit reveals a life with a promise to never journey alone.



As you lift your eyes, may the Spirit reveal for you the ever present Creator, eager to secure your life in the promise of life…true and ever present life.

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