The illuminating power of reflecting the light.

While waiting and anticipating a brighter time, we are given an opportunity to ponder…

3-15-2020 phone-1

…the power of reflected light.

prayer 3-14-2020-8

Reflected light can fill a dark valley with illuminations powerful enough to cast shadows.  The only source of light in this image is the reflected light of the moon.

3-15-2020 phone-4

Yes, never underestimate the power of reflecting light in a dark time and place.  Again, the moon at work while waiting for the rise of the sun.

3-15-2020 phone-5

Then, at the right time, the gift of reflected light sets behind the horizon as the new light emerges behind us.

prayer 3-14-2020-9

And a new day begins, filled with new light, making all things new.

prayer 3-14-2020-12

Both the reflected and the new light reveals new life that is both resilient and eternal.  For that, I smile with gratitude.

prayer 3-14-2020-13

In these dark times, may the Spirit reveal new life as we reflect the light that is the source of hope and all life.  Watch, it just may fill a dark valley with the light that others are waiting to see.

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