Everything the Light touches…

Waiting and watching…

RSTN 3-21-2020-23

Ancient presence…also waiting and watching…

RSTN 3-21-2020-8

Peeking over to catch a glimpse…

RSTN 3-21-2020-2

…for THIS

RSTN 3-21-2020-4

Soaking up the new light.

RSTN 3-21-2020-13

…all while keeping social distance?

RSTN 3-21-2020-3

Herman welcoming the new light.

RSTN 3-21-2020-21

Not a “blue bear” but maybe a green one, leaning in to see what he can see or…welcoming the light.

RSTN 3-21-2020-15

So, I leaned in too.

RSTN 3-21-2020-12

Yes, it is all about the light.  Light changes everything from darkness to new life.

RSTN 3-21-2020-6RSTN 3-21-2020-16

The power of the light is able to thaw the frozen, and illumine the beauty of the process.

RSTN 3-21-2020-7RSTN 3-21-2020-10RSTN 3-21-2020-9

The Spirit reveals…

RSTN 3-21-2020-17

May the Spirit reveal within and through you, the transformational power of the light.

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