The rhythm of the skies, reflected into the dark

The rhythm of the skies…rising of a “Super Pink Moon”…

RSTN 4-9-2020-1

Transitioning to anticipation of a celestial dance partner…

RSTN 4-9-2020-2

The dance moved with an eternal rhythm across the skies…

RSTN 4-9-2020-3

This dance illuminated the trail with the bright, reflected light of the moon.

RSTN 4-9-2020-16

As shadows stretched across the trail, I reflected on the illuminating power of reflecting light into the dark places.  Hmmm…how might we reflect light into the paths of others who may be journeying through a wilderness of darkness?

RSTN 4-9-2020-17RSTN 4-9-2020-18

Then it was time…time to say “Thank you.  Thank you for illuminating my path by simply being what you were created to be, a divine reflector of the light.”

RSTN 4-9-2020-4RSTN 4-9-2020-5

Then…the source of all light was rising on the other side of the sky.

RSTN 4-9-2020-6

And, the illuminating of dark places continued as the reflecting of the light enlivened the landscape with the beauty of a new day.

RSTN 4-9-2020-7RSTN 4-9-2020-9

With the light of the new day shining upon the trail, I reflected and remembered that this same trail, the trail I journey upon right now, I journeyed upon earlier and was then illuminated with reflected light.

RSTN 4-9-2020-8

And a smile of awe, gratitude and wonder filled my being.

RSTN 4-9-2020-17

As the light of the new day, reflected back to me in infinite color…

RSTN 4-9-2020-10

…I leaned in to ponder the eternal moment that I stood in, staring back at me with promise and beauty.

RSTN 4-9-2020-11RSTN 4-9-2020-12

And, here in front of me was a glimpse of a life that use to be.  With this imprint I was reminded that the very same light that illuminated and was reflected upon my trail today…illuminated the trail of this eternal foot print that shared the same space in which I stood, right now.  And again, I was filled with awe, gratefulness, wonder and…HOPE.

RSTN 4-9-2020-13RSTN 4-9-2020-14

Who knew…the illuminating power of light, both direct and reflected?

RSTN 4-9-2020-15

May the Spirit reveal for you, on your trail of life, the gift of awe, gratitude, wonder and hope.

And…continue the rhythm.  Reflect the light into the dark places as the eternal rhythm continues to illuminate the beauty of new days for all.

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