New Light, New Revealings, New Invitations to…Breathe

Each new day begins with a new light…NOT yesterday’s light, or re-used light…NEW light.

RSTN 4-24-2020-2RSTN 4-24-2020-4RSTN 4-24-2020-5RSTN 4-24-2020-15RSTN 4-24-2020-18

New light with new illuminations of color and glimpses of silver linings…

RSTN 4-24-2020-28

…and LOVE.

RSTN 4-24-2020-13

New light uncovers new revealings of the Spirit.

RSTN 4-24-2020-6

“Herman” seems to always welcome the new light with a revealing of an ancient, yet new smile.

RSTN 4-24-2020-12

New revealings of new life are bursting into the neighborhood.

RSTN 4-24-2020-9

New life with brushes of color…

RSTN 4-24-2020-10RSTN 4-24-2020-8RSTN 4-24-2020-11

New light bathing the neighbors in a glow of curiosity.

RSTN 4-24-2020-19RSTN 4-24-2020-20

New revealings of resting wings.

RSTN 4-24-2020-22

Reflected revealings…

RSTN 4-24-2020-21RSTN 4-24-2020-16

Revealings of refreshment and…identity.

RSTN 4-24-2020-27RSTN 4-24-2020-25

Silhouette revealings.

RSTN 4-24-2020-31

Revealings of new invitations to be still and allow the Spirit to take flight within.

RSTN 4-24-2020-14RSTN 4-24-2020-29RSTN 4-24-2020-30

Today…welcome and celebrate the “NEW” that is being revealed.

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