Fruits of the Spirit: Patience


For some reason, God has hard-wired me to rise early in the morning and one of the gifts that comes with that is, sunrises.  I often find myself gazing to the east and waiting.  Waiting for the beginning of a brand new, never been used before, day.  The peace, quiet and anticipation that accompanies my gazing onto the horizon, continually bless my mind and my heart.

And then there are mornings that are accompanied with a “to-do” list that demands to take center stage in my mind.  With the energy of the the to-do list, I wait, wishing that the sun would HURRY UP and rise already!!  Those mornings, the sun rises so very slow, it seems.

In these moments, the sun invites me to be patient.  NOTHING I do, think, hope or yell, makes the sun rise any faster. (Weird huh?)  Patience holds me with an invitation to wait in peace, breathe, be present right here, right now and be blessed.

And then, at the exact correct time, the sun pokes its nose above the horizon with its glorious “Ta Da!”, and reveals to me, once again, the blessing of patience.


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