Trinity experience of life and love

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday.  A day we celebrate our mysterious God of Three in One and One in Three…Whaaaat?  Well, I prefer to share an experience of the Trinity, God as life giving, loving relationship.  So, here it goes.


This morning my eyes were drawn upwards to the bright, full moon that filled the early morning sky.  The same moon that has drawn the eyes of ALL generations, of ALL species of life, of ALL corners of the earth.  The same moon that has reflected the light of the sun and generated intrigue, curiosity, wonder, and dreams of reaching out and touching that which seems beyond our reach.  This same moon has, in so many ways, reminded us of our oneness in life and invited us to ponder our relationship with those who gaze with us.  This, I believe is an experience of the Holy Trinity, our God of life giving, loving relationship.


Then my gaze was drawn closer, to the clouds that seemed to stretch from the hills.  I was invited to re-member moments from my past, maybe our past.  Re-membering times as children, lying on the grass, facing the sky, the same sky that has covered and protected all life, of all corners of the earth for all time.  Yet, I feel certain that the clouds that fascinate me this moment, have never been experienced before.  And, somehow I have a funny feeling that what I was experiencing in this moment, countless others have, at one time or another, have experienced a similar life giving experience.  Another experience of our life-giving, loving God of relationship?


Finally, I looked closer and was surrounded by memories, memories that I wondered if many others had locked away in their collection of childhood memories?  I felt the strong urge to pick one of these memories, take in a deep breath and…


…You have the same memory?  Did you remember while a childish, glee filled smile filled your face?  Was your heart filled with joy and voice filled with giggles?  Are you anticipating the next time your eyes encounter one of these blossoms of blessing, picking it up, filling your lungs with childhood eagerness and sending the seeds of the next generations of blessings into the air with the biggest puff of life you can muster?  If so, did we just encounter the Holy Trinity: Our God of life giving, loving relationship?  I want to say, “Thanks be to God.”


  1. this also reminds me that even when we are separated by distance, we can still see the same full moon and think of each other

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