Revealing in contrast…

This past week has been a week of dramatic contrasts and blessings through it all.

One week ago, I was standing here with my son and a “few” others.


Two days ago, I witnessed these sounds of celebration.

Yesterday, this.  I’m at Sacred Heart Retreat Center on a silent retreat.  I can hear some of you now, “What?! Michael on a SILENT retreat?”  Well, yes I am.

The Spirit continues to reveal through sights that press and sounds that I feel in my chest, AND sights that wash over me with peace and the sound of silence.  (Someone should write a song about that.)


Throughout the property of Sacred Heart there is invitation to “Be still and know…”  And yes, I am still and silent.

Amazing thing, silence has opened me to receive through all of my senses and it is almost overwhelming.fullsizeoutput_6ae3In silence, my heart receives beauty.fullsizeoutput_6b04

In silence my soul says, “Thank you for another day.”fullsizeoutput_6b0ffullsizeoutput_6b13

In silence, that which is far, is brought near.fullsizeoutput_6b16

In silence, I’m reminded of the ticking of life that is with-in me.

This is a statue of St. Jude, the name sake of the artificial heart valve inside my body that allows me to live, with the periodic reminder of an audible “tick, tick, tick…”fullsizeoutput_6b19

In silence, this morning, I was blessed to receive the beginning of a new day while being reminded of our LIVING Lord.  (This is the Ascension of Christ into Heaven statue here at Sacred Heart.)Sacred Heart Retreat Center

In silence, I’m reminded of Jesus walking on the water.  This little guy seemed to glide more that walk on water.)Sacred Heart Retreat Center

In silence, I am prayerfully reminded of the power of love.Sacred Heart Retreat Center


What might the Spirit reveal to you…in silence?

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