The labyrinth of life

On our pilgrimage, the spirit reveals our individual yet shared, path.

Chartes, France
Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, France.

We are drawn to that which seems beyond our reach yet streams into our lives.

Chartes, France

Then we are invited down into the depths, into the history, into the foundation.

Below the main altar in the crypt of Chartres, revealing walls dating back to 500 ce.

We discover, at least a little bit, who we are.

Chartes, France

Then we listen to an unexpected gift of music of mystery and drama.

Somehow, we feel that there is more to the/our song, our pilgrimage, our journey of individual, yet shared life.

Where to next? With whom will we journey?  What will we learn about ourselves and those with whom we journey?

Will we pay attention to what the Spirit reveals?

Fellow pilgrims.

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